Responsive vs. Unresponsive Yoyo’s – (Which One Is Better?)

Yoyos can be fun and exciting, but buying wrong one can be catastrophic.

When dealing with yoyos, two main types ensure you are satisfied whenever playing. These two types include responsive and unresponsive yoyos.

Simply, responsive yoyos respond to your tugs and return to your hand, while unresponsive yoyos will not return to your hand without a bind.

So, how do you distinguish the two? 

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What’s The Difference Between Responsive and Unresponsive Yoyo’s? 

So, when generalizing the difference between the responsive and unresponsive yoyos, you’ll discover it’s not the type that makes them responsive or unresponsive. The bearing will determine whether it comes back to your hand or not.  

Think of a car engine, how would it look like without an engine, maybe a scrap metal, so is the bearing that drives the yoyos and ensures it comes back whenever you’ve pulled it. So whenever you alter the bearing, you can make them responsive or unresponsive. When you fix narrow bearings, the Yoyo will always come back when pulled.  

Contrary to narrow bearings, wider bearings do not initiate the automatic response, so one has to bind to make it come back. When you want to invest in all-around yoyos with two bearings, you can enjoy both responsive and unresponsive options by merely changing the bearings.  

Responsive Yoyos | What Are They?

As the name suggests, they respond, that’s is to say, they can come back to your hand whenever you pull them while spinning. Because there are many tricks of throwing yoyos, using responsive yoyos can be a great deal for beginners as they haven’t grasped many techniques.

Using responsive yoyos, you can get the best out of the yoyo as you will not have to struggle with stabilizing the string. Throwing yoyos with responsive design is great no matter the skill level. 

Unresponsive Yoyos | What Are They?

This is the best type of Yoyo if you want to enjoy yoyoing without limits, bedside, you can use your skills to get the best out of the yoyos. Moreover, you make use of your tricks using the long spin.

So, to be precise, unresponsive yoyos don’t come back to your hand. However, you’ll need to perform bind to get it back to your and which is a skill best for the intermediate and pros.  

Which One Should You Get?

There is a wide rift between responsive and unresponsive yoyos because each of them has unique benefits and features needed for specific tricks.

Here are our articles to see our top picks for each:

You need to assess where you are at in terms of skill level. Since you’re reading this article you are probably a beginner yoyoist which means you should choose a responsive yoyo.

10 Best Responsive Yoyos

There are a ton of responsive yoyo’s on the market to choose from and can get quite overwhelmingly trying to find the best one for you.

That’s why we have spent the time and researched the top 10 for you.

You will have the peace of mind that all the yoyo’s that we mention here are truly first in their class and will perform wonderfully with the highest level of responsiveness that you’d expect.

#1 Best Overall (Our Top Pick) – Magic V3

When you are looking for a great responsive yoyo that will not be too cumbersome to work with, then a key factor that is important is that the yoyo should be as light in weight as possible.

Then you should consider the Magic Yoyo Professional Responsive Yoyo V3, as it is truly light in weight to allow you comfort of usage and a higher level of agility in regard to all the wonderful tricks that you perform due to the absence bulky weight that can otherwise hold you back from performing at your best level.

When you are looking for a wonderful yoyo that has a high level of responsiveness, then you will be pleased that this yoyo will meet your expectations most assuredly. Also, you will be happy that this is truly a highly durable yoyo, which means that it will not easily crack or break.

#2 Best For Responsive Tricks – Magic Locus V6

If you have found that some yoyo’s have been unnecessarily oversized, which has hindered their responsiveness, then you will be pleased with the Magic Yoyo Locus V6 Yoyo. This yoyo will not hinder its responsiveness, as the size is comfortable for your hands in order to allow you to maintain more adept control over the yoyo at all times during your yoyo performance routine.

You will appreciate the fact that this yoyo provides the kind of equilibrium that you crave in a yoyo, which will result in your moves and tricks being carried out with more flawless precision every time in comparison to other yoyo’s on the market that do not provide such a high level of equilibrium.

When you desire to be able to achieve superiorly long spin times with your yoyo for advanced yoyo tricks, then this yoyo will truly be delightful, because it provides outstanding long spring times that are impressive.

#3 Budget Option – Yoyo King Green Merlin

When you want a yoyo that allows for ease of catching via the string, then you should indeed consider getting the Yoyo King Green Merlin Responsive Yoyo. This yoyo allows you to perform like a masterful pro as a result of the flared shape that makes extra weigh in regard to the outer edges of the yoyo to increase the speed of the spins when you are in search of a yoyo that can live up to your demand for performing super fast spins as needed.

You will appreciate the silicone response system of this yoyo that is of an amazing high caliber to ensure that this top quality yoyo will always maintain the best possible level of responsiveness at all times, which is highly beneficial when you are doing tricks for your own pleasure, performing wonderful tricks to entertain a crowd or even when you are competing in a grand yoyo competition.

#4 Ametoys Magic Yoyo V3 Professional Responsive Yoyo

If you have high hopes of being crowned as the yoyo master at the next yoyo competition that you plan to attend and are in need of a new high quality responsive yoyo that will perform all your thrilling and interesting yoyo tricks through to completion, then you will be highly benefited to invest in the Ametoys Magic Yoyo V3 Professional Responsive Yoyo.

This yoyo has a finely crafted ball bearing axle that will permit you to achieve spin times that are super long when you use this amazing yoyo. The string of this high performing yoyo is impressively strong, so that you can rest assured that the yoyo will not easily snap away from the string during the most intriguing parts of your advanced yoyo tricks that are sure to please many crowds.

The surface of this yoyo is ultra smooth for a more comfortable grip during usage and you will appreciate the fact that the coloring of this finely crafted yoyo does not easily fade. Moreover, if you have been displeased by some other yoyo’s having loud functioning bearings, you will be pleased that the bearings in this yoyo are quiet, so that you and onlookers can enjoy all your fascinating yoyo tricks without any loud disruptions.

#5 Yomega Xodus II Yoyo

Truly, the Yomega Xodus II Yoyo is a wonderful traditional yoyo that is responsive at a high level, which means that it will allow you to complete all your elaborate and exciting yoyo tricks through to completion with pristine perfection; as this yoyo will not disrupt your performance by quitting on you like some other yoyo’s of lesser quality on the market tend to do.

Therefore, you will have the confidence that this fine quality yoyo is highly dependable to use even for a major yoyo competition. Assuredly, this is a high quality yoyo that is easy for new yoyo players to use and is suited as well as for more advanced and serious-minded yoyo players. When you want a top notch yoyo that can sleep and spin for long periods of time, then this is a great option for you most definitely.

Once you see this yoyo, the quality will be evident, but when you actually engage in the usage of this yoyo to perform your favorite yoyo tricks, you will truly experience the quality first hand, as you will appreciate how meticulously this yoyo with high levels of endurance performs.

#6 Magic Yoyo Responsive Yoyo T9

Truly you will appreciate the smooth operation of Magic Yoyo Responsive Yoyo T9 that will make your yoyo performance routines in terms of looping more perfected, which will truly be noticed and admired by the crowds that you entertain with your impressive yoyo tricks.

This yoyo is without a doubt high quality in all aspects and will allow you to continue to produce distinctive tricks that will mesmerize onlookers. Many people also like the fact that this yoyo aids in the development of better fine motor skills and also provides a more positive outcome in regard to hand and eye coordination.

If you are the kind of person who cannot give in to a low quality yoyo, then you will be pleased that this amazing yoyo will allow you to do wonderfully appealing looping tricks with masterful precision.

#7 Magic Yoyo V6 Locus Aluminum Alloy Yoyo

When you are desperately hunting to discosver a wonderful quality looping yoyo that will demonstrate real mastery when it comes to looping that you desire for your various yoyo tricks, then you will be pleased that the Magic Yoyo V6 Locus Aluminum Alloy among the best indeed and will live up to your expectations.

This splendidly crafted yoyo will be truly valuable at a good price and at the high level of precision when it comes to looping tricks that you wish to add to your performance. This yoyo is welcomed by many advanced users, as it performs with such smoothness that makes all performances demonstrate a higher level of quality and awe.

#8 Yomega Fireball Professional Responsible Transaxle Yoyo

It cannot be denied that the Yomega Fireball Professional Responsible Transaxle Yoyo is truly worth your investment when it comes to choosing a wonderful quality looping yoyo. It will grant a smooth performance each time that you use this yoyo.

You will love the fact that this yoyo produces looping tricks with impressive caliber that is undeniably distinctive. This yoyo possesses the right amount of weight that has been ideally centralized in order to ensure that there is the proper equilibrium, which results in more agility for the best looping action every time.

#9 Yoyo King Proteus Professional Responsive Trick Aluminum Yoyo

If you have been a long-time fan of looping tricks and would now like to become a master of your own pleasurable looping tricks, then you will be truly benefited when you get the Yoyo King Proteus Professional Responsive Trick Aluminum Yoyo.

This yoyo is a wonderful choice due to the fact that it allows you to perform thrilling looping tricks for long periods of time as a result of being constructed with real quality. Thus, you can be assured of an excellent performance each time that will thrill you and the crowds that you entertain.

Also, this is a great contender of a yoyo to select when you want to perform some amazing looping tricks at a major yoyo competition.

#10 Yoyo King Ghost Bi Aluminum and Steel Professional Trick Yoyo

When you plan on doing a lot of looping tricks, then you need a yoyo with a string that is supremely durable. Therefore, the right yoyo to select is definitely the Yoyo King Ghost Bi Aluminum and Steel Professional Trick Yoyo.

This is a finely made yoyo that will empower you to perform outstanding looping yoyo tricks for the crowds who will delight in the splendor of your amazing performance that this yoyo produces at all times. If you make this top performing yoyo your very own, then you will find that it will be fairly simple to learn new tricks as a result of this yoyo functioning with relative ease.

In addition, you will appreciate the decent level of comfort that this yoyo provides, which means that you will be able to do even more unique yoyo tricks for an extended period of time.

Buying Guide: Choosing A Responsive Yoyo

Yoyos can come in many different shapes and sizes. Different materials have their own pros and cons, as well.

In this guide we will explore the world of responsive yoyos – what they are, how they work, what tricks you can perform with them and more!

There are two types of yoyos on the market – responsive and unresponsive. The best way to determine which type you need is by how well you can do tricks with it.

If you can’t perform any advanced tricks, then an unresponsive one will be great for your needs. If you’re about that life though, a responsive yoyo will get the job done better!


Not all toys come in either metal or plastic – some have both materials combined like hybrid models!

A pro of these kinds is they tend to be less expensive than a standard metal model but still play just as well because they combine two different materials together so there’s no sacrifice in quality at all!


When selecting a responsive yoyo you need to look for a few things in particular: a solid axle, good weight distribution and low friction.

If you’re not sure how to test these features out when selecting your yoyo, I recommend looking up videos on Youtube of responsive yoyo tricks so that way you can get an idea of what it’ll feel like once you’ve bought one for yourself!


The best size for a responsive yoyo is dependent on what type of yoyo tricks you’re looking to do.

If you play with a lot of string hits or basic stalls, then the smaller sized responsive models will work best for you!

However if you like more advanced tricks such as sleeper combos and around-the-worlds then I recommend getting one that’s slightly bigger and heavier since it’ll be able to respond better in those situations!

Brand Name

Some brands offer some really great prices but don’t put out high quality products so keep this in mind when buying your first few responsive yoyos because they can be expensive in general.

The lower cost ones are typically less well made than the higher end price ranges which is why it’s important to

There are plenty of different options available if this is something you want to invest some time into as the benefits really show through with increased skill level but don’t stress too much about picking just yet

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Responsive Yoyo? A responsive yoyo is one that responds to tugs and gestures and returns to your hand.

Should I Get a Responsive or Unresponsive yoyo? It depends on where you’re at in terms of skill level but also it determines what types of tricks you want to preform.

12 Best Unresponsive Yoyos

Looking for the best unresponsive yoyo? Then you are in the right place.

When you are in search of a yoyo that is powerful enough to perform advanced tricks, you will not be disappointed in the ones that we mention here.

Truly, these are some of the best unresponsive yoyos on the market today that allow you to do masterful tricks like the pros.

#1 Best Overall (Our Top Pick)- Magic Yoyo N11

When you are looking for a great performing yoyo in order to accommodate the new advanced tricks that you want to learn and that you desire to be able to perform well, then you will truly appreciate having the Magic Yoyo Professional Unresponsive Yoyo N11.

Moreover, you will also like the appealing look of this high quality yoyo that has a black surface with gold accents.

This is a yoyo that is one of the preferred ones among yoyo pros and is terrific to use when you want to compete with competence and confidence in a yoyo competition. This yoyo will empower you to perform many diverse kinds of impressive string tricks with real finesse.

This is also a great yoyo option for those who are just starting out in using a yoyo, as the yoyo is easy to use and is designed in such a way to offer good comfort during usage.

You will enjoy using this yoyo for a long period of time. The two rubber weighting rings ensure that this fine quality yoyo will remain well balanced during all your performance routines.

#2 Best For Unresponsive Tricks – Magic Yoyo Silencer Moo1-B Yoyo Ball

The Magic Yoyo Silencer Moo1-B Yoyo Ball is a comfortable size that allows for ease of operation to empower you to perform all your wonderful yoyo tricks for your own enjoyment or to mesmerize a crowd with real delight.

There is the provision of a sturdy and well defined axle that is meticulously crafted of steel in order to ensure that all spinning has an essence of smoothness.

This yoyo is great to use both for adults as well as children. It will provide many wonderful hours of enjoyment. This yoyo cooperates well with you when you are doing various types of tricks.

You can count on this yoyo to perform all tricks well with supreme precision right through to completion. This yoyo is also growing to be more popular among those who are pro yoyo players.

Many like the high level of hand comfort that this yoyo truly offers, which allows for longer trick routines for this yoyo.

The string on this yoyo is super durable to permit you to do many tricks without the worry of the string of this yoyo snapping. When using this yoyo, it will be necessary for you to do binding, as this is an unresponsive yoyo.

#3 P.Lotor Design V1 Yoyo

You will be impressed with the high quality, P.Lotor Design V1 Yoyo, as it has been made with your need to train your fine motor skills in mind. Also, this yoyo is able to greatly enhance your eye and hand coordination. This means that you will be able to perform those extra delicate tricks with more refined accuracy.

This yoyo is not only intended for casual usage. But it is wonderful to use in regard to professional yoyo players. Many people also include the yoyo along with their acrobatic performance.

This yoyo provides a high level of performance, which means that you and your audience will surely delight in the tricks that this yoyo is able to masterfully perform.

When you want a yoyo that offers a definite distinctive level of precision when it comes to the performance of your advanced yoyo tricks, this is definitely the yoyo to select.

This is due to the fact that it provides more precision in comparison to many other types of yoyos that are available on the market today.

#4 Inone Aurora Non-responsive Yoyo

When you are in search of a professional quality yoyo that is able to perform fancy tricks at advanced levels with real prowess, then you will surely want to invest your time in getting the Inone Aurora Non-responsive Yoyo. This is a high performing yoyo that will indeed be able to keep up with all your demands.

Indeed, you will be pleased with how flawlessly this yoyo always completes all advanced routine performances, so that you do not have to worry that the yoyo will give out on you during the midway point of a nifty yoyo trick.This yoyo is equipped with an impressive recovery system that is highly dependable.

When you need a yoyo that is supremely durable, then this yoyo is a top of the line option. This yoyo is also a fabulous choice for those who are advanced yoyo players who want to compete in a yoyo competition. It’s also the best unresponsive yoyo for beginners.

#5 Magic Yoyo Unresponsive Yoyo N11 Plus

In such cases that you are seeking to acquire a highly dependable yoyo that is unresponsive instead of a yoyo that is responsive, then you need to consider getting the Magic Yoyo Unresponsive Yoyo N11 Plus.

The quality of this yoyo is evident as soon as you see it. But when you use it, you will experience the quality of this yoyo at an even deeper level. You really get to connect well with this yoyo, as it will allow you to carry all your tricks through to completion.

This yoyo, furthermore, remains well balanced and will not lean to one side during your performance, so that you will be able to thrill audiences with your intrinsic and fun yoyo tricks.

Once you use this yoyo, it will be hard for you to put it down. It will truly provide long periods of enjoyment.

#6 Magic Yoyo T5 Plus Overlord Yoyo

If you find it overwhelming to know which yoyo that is unresponsive that you should get for performing advanced yoyo tricks to entertain a crowd, then you will enjoy using the Magic Yoyo T5 Plus Overlord Yoyo. It allows you to control all the moves of the tricks with absolute precision.

The yoyo performs a good bind every time with relative ease. You will surely be able to complete all your wonderful yoyo tricks with professionalism and real finesse. When crowds see your impressive performance, they will be delighted.

This is all thanks to the quality of this wonderful yoyo that empowers you to have the right equilibrium for all the tricks, as the design of this yoyo prevents it from becoming unbalanced.

#7 Magic Yoyo Unresponsive Yoyo Type N8

This unresponsive yoyo is suitable for any intermediate, expert, and also advanced yoyo players. It is specially designed to help you train your fine motoric skills and also eye-to-hand coordination skills. It comes with a bow shape that is covered with a blue color. Therefore, this design can make this yoyo look attractive and stylish.

When you buy this product, you can get up to 6 additional strings for helping you enjoy your experience with this yoyo. All strings are made from 100% polyester material that is very durable for long time use.

This product also has a ball-bearing axle that is designed to have a super long spin time. When you buy this item today, you are going to get an additional yoyo bag gift.

#8 Magic Yoyo T5 Aluminum Professional Yoyo

If you want to buy a good unresponsive yoyo, you can take a look at this product now. This unresponsive yoyo is suitable for adults or kids who are older than 6 years old. It can be an interesting product that can keep your children away from the Internet or gadgets.

This product comes with 5 strings, a bag, and a glove. All of these accessories are very useful to make you feel comfortable and convenient when using this yoyo. Your kids can improve their creativity, imagination, and also a rapid response by playing this yoyo regularly.

#9 Magic Yoyo Professional N11 Pro Yoyo

This yoyo is specially made from the best metal alloy with aluminum material. This material is chosen because it can increase the durability of this unit. This alloy aluminum 6061 material is well-known for its sturdy, stable, and also anti-corrosion feature.

This professional yoyo also comes with 2 comfortable rubber weighting rings. These rings can make users feel comfortable when using this yoyo. This yoyo comes with premium KK bearing that can be used to create a stable and long spinning period. This product is decorated with four special colors, including silver, purple, splash green, and black.

#10 Ametoys Professional Unresponsive Yoyo V4

This magic yoyo is very well-known among many people because it can cultivate creativity, imagination, motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination, and also rapid response.

This unresponsive yoyo is made from the best CNC lathe and aluminum alloy. This product is very well-known for its fast speed, high precision, and also stable performance.

When you use this yoyo, you are going to enjoy its movement. This magic yoyo comes with a durable KK bearing, so it can keep the balance during the fast speed rotation. When you use this yoyo, you can use it for a long time.

It is constructed very carefully to last for a very long time without having to break down. This yoyo also has a super smooth sandblasting finishing surface which will never fade.

#11 Magic Yoyo Y01 Unresponsive Yoyo

This is another popular unresponsive yoyo from Magic Yoyo. This product has a unique surface that is covered with two different finishes on one body. The matte finish can create a comfortable feeling for your fingers, while the gloss finish can increase the overall look of this yoyo.

This unresponsive yoyo is made from the best 6061 aluminum material which is very smooth and comfortable on your hand. It is also specially designed to come with the high-speed spinning ability and also perfectly symmetrical system.

Both features can make this yoyo turning for a long time without having any problems. It can be a perfect toy for your kids, families, and your friends.

#12 Yoyo King Black Ghost Professional Yoyo

Many people are interested in using this unresponsive yoyo. This yoyo is only about 65 grams with a 56 mm in diameter. This yoyo is specially constructed with the best aircraft-quality aluminum that comes with a stainless steel ring.

The aluminum in this yoyo is anodized for creating strength, increasing color intensity, and offering corrosion resistance to this yoyo. It has a special narrow flat C bearing that can be used to offer long spinning time for all users. Its silicone response system is specially created for giving superior play on this yoyo.

It is very easy for you to control the movement of this yoyo, so you can make some yoyo tricks, such as Trapeze, Split the Atom, Double or Nothing, etc. When you buy this yoyo, you are going to receive a durable string for helping you enjoy your yoyo-playing experience with this product.

Buying Guide: Choosing An Unresponsive Yoyo

When you are shopping for a new yoyo, there are many things to consider. Unresponsive yoyos require more skill, but they can do tricks that responsive ones cannot. There are also many different factors when it comes to what makes an unresponsive yoyo “good.”

In this guide I will go over the most important features of unresponsive yoys so that you can find the right one for your needs!


The first thing to consider is the size of your yoyo. If you are a beginner, or have smaller hands then it would be best to go for a slimline unresponsive yoyo that has less string since these models will give more control.

A larger unresponsive model won’t do as much damage if it hits someone either! For most people, an intermediate sized one should work nicely and can fit in many different pockets without being too big or small.

The width does not alter how responsive the yo-yo is though so don’t worry about getting anything but basic shapes like ovals when choosing this factor!


There are two main materials used to for unresponsive yoyos- aluminum and metal.

Metal, such as brass or stainless steel is heavier than aluminum yoyos but also more durable so it’s a great choice if you are looking for something to last!

Aluminum models will need repairs sooner though usually since they have a tendency to dent easier when dropped on the ground.


The weight of your unresponsive yo-yo can be important depending on what you like in a model.

As with size, this factor does not change responsiveness at all so just think about how heavy you want your throw!

If possible, try picking up different weights before making an investment and see which one feels best in hand while playing tricks that work well for those shapes too.

Usually lighter yoyos are good for fast tricks while heavier yoyos are better for slower speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an unresponsive yoyo?

A: An unresponsive yoyo is not responsive to your movement or tugs to come back to your hand and will need a bind.

Q: How do you bind an unresponsive yoyo?

Q: Should I get a responsive or unresponsive yoyo?

A: If you’re a beginner then get a responsive yoyo. If you know what you’re doing then look into getting an unresponsive yoyo.

Which one is better for a beginners and pros? 

Beginners and pros tend to differ when it comes to choosing the best yoyo for them and their skill level.

If you are a developing yoyoist or a beginner who needs to get the best out of throwing Yoyo, you should better opt for responsive yoyos.  

Responsive yoyos will allow you to learn faster and preform more tricks easily and you will have more fun and will hopefully lead into more intricate tricks. It will also allow you to not give up so easily and continue to learn and progress.

Pros believe that unresponsive yoyos give them the opportunity to exploit the tricks that they have already learned to enable them through the yoyos with style.  

So if you have enhanced your skills, you probably don’t need responsive yoyos.

However, beginners need more assisting and training; they need to master every move, which helps them attain their goals. So, with responsive yoyos, beginners can enjoy throwing yoyos without struggling that much. 

The History

There is a rich history as far as playing Yoyo is concerned. There is recorded evidence that clearly states that these games were played long ago in Greece back in 5009 BC. However, up to date, not any the history have pointed out the existence of those s game in China. Pedro Flores, a Philippine who owned Flores company is the brain behind the development of the modern yoyos we use.  

Later on, Donald Duncan an entrepreneur bought Flores Company, and the fact is neither of them invented the Yoyos. It’s believed that the Greeks and china invented the toy, which was commonly used by street entertainers. So, from Orient., the doll travel to Europe and other parts of the world, today it’s the best toy loved by children.  

Yoyo have more than one role; the nobles made it using different material which was a show of wealth while the poorly used Yoyo as a stress relief but all the same, it’s a good thing to own.  

From ancient times to the modern generation where technology has taken effect, Yoyo has been developed, and you can find both responsive and unresponsive Yoyo. It doesn’t matter your skill levels, because whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a pro, both can still match your abilities. 

What Are Responsive and Unresponsive yoyos Best For? 

There are various ways yoyos can help you out. Before the Battle of Waterloo started, it believed that Napoleon and his men relaxed using yoyos. The benefits of playing yoyos include  

  • Boost confidence and improve learning ability 
  • Enhancing the socializing power of your children 
  • Best for developing hand and eye coordination 
  • Develop the need to perfect as you strive to outsmart one another 
  • Keep the kid away from watching TV always  

Can you make a unresponsive yoyo responsive?

How To Bind An Unresponsive Yoyo

Why Won’t My Yoyo Come Back?

To get your Yoyo to come back to your hand you need to apply a slight tug to allow the sleeping yoyo to return.


Yoyo has along with history; they are not just ordinary toy gifts you can give to your child; they can be beneficial as they will grow both mentally, physically, and psychologically.

Just remember before you get yourself a yoyo to get the type at your skill level. Beginners should get a responsive yoyo for an easier time getting starting and more advanced should maybe get an unresponsive yoyo depending on the tricks you want to preform.

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